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The CIA Star Gate Remote Viewng program

Project Star gate is the collective name for advanced psychic functioning or Remote viewing experiments and programs that were undertaken for over twenty years to create a trainable, repeatable, operational and if at all possible, accurate method of psychic spying or information gathering for the U.S. Military and intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, DIA).

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The actual projects involved in this 23+ year mammoth operational and scientific endeavor were:

Gondola Wish - ARMY INSCOM - 1977-79

Grill Flame - ARMY INSCOM & AMSAA - 1979-1983

Center Lane - ARMY INSCOM - 1983-85

Dragoon Absorb - ARMY INSCOM & DIA - 1985-86

Sun Streak - DIA - 1986-1990

Star Gate - DIA - 1990-95

What is Remote Viewing?

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Overview & Navigation:
Because of the size I have split this page into two distinct areas now for ease of use. these are;

Area1 (This page)- Remote Viewing examples from the Star Gate Archives.

Area2 - interesting documents from the CIA released Star Gate archives detailing many experiments and the science and theory behind Remote Viewing.


The start of Remote Viewing.

The U.S. Intel, Worried by the expansion of Russian research into physic functioning in the late 1960's and early 70's, took the decision to explore psychic functioning. This is partly due to reports that surfaced in the early '70's like this one below:

Owner: Rand Corporation
Author: P.T. Van Dyke & M.L Juncosa

1973 Rand - Paranormal Phenomena - Net assessment Study

"The purpose of the 33 page document was to determine whether paranormal phenomena existed, how the Russians were investigating it and how this tallied with American efforts".


Due to reports like this and the book Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain, SRI (Stanford Research institute) was contacted and contracted to test the waters and to see if there was anything viable to psychic functioning and the rest is history as they say. Click here to see some of the early SRI experiments with Uri Geller in the lab (circa 1970's).

From 1972 - to its disclosure in 1995 the American Intelligence and military machines used and expanded forms of ESP or psychic functioning for intelligence gathering purposes. This mainly settled on a form of PSI functioning known as remote viewing.

The agencies involved in this twenty year and $20M program include a huge assortment of spaghetti soup name agencies like: FBI, CIA, DIA, assorted military and government departments and agencies, many leading science labs and probably many others with names that cant be mentioned and that are yet to be uncovered.

In 1994/1995 when key players started to leave their military/intelligence careers behind them (the military viewers and Brussel Targ's FOIA request). It was decided to take the entire program history public to 'head-off' the coming media interest. A decision was taken to publicly validate the Star gate program for its accuracy of data and efficiency - hence to sanitize and clean the entire Star gate records for all those involved in-light of the looming media disclosure. After all no-one wants to be associated with large dollar spending on psychic programs that don't work! - do they?

With this the program went officially public in 1995 just after it had been turned over to the CIA. The CIA then through its FOIA system released 12,000 files totaling 89,000 pages of material form the entire twenty year history of the program.

Within this site I have and continue to post the more interesting and useful STARGATE documents released through the FOIA from the CIA. I have picked out papers, documents and when I can, sessions that can be used by the remote viewing community and people learning to be better viewers.

There are many documents and remote viewing sessions within the FOIA archives that don’t show the actual target or the feedback, therefore although good for a typical remote viewing method and format example, these have no use in showing the accuracy of the session - these I have not included.

Bios and details of many of the key players in the twenty-year Star gate program can be found here!

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The best print literature on the history and background of the
Star gate Remote viewing program is:

Jim Schnabel, Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies, Dell, 1997.

Reading the enemy's mind: Paul H Smith.

Also if your are serious about your Remote viewing research then purchase your own copy of ALL the Star gate documents as the ones posted here are only a small selection, and are my selection of the available material.

The Star gate CIA archives in interactive format can be purchased here..



Example Remote viewing examples from the programs.
Well this is what most people want to see more than anything so we'll introduce this section of the files first. Below we will list some of the training sessions from the remote viewers using mainly the Remote viewing techniques of CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) and ERV (Extended Remote Viewing) two of the main methods used and one developed by SRI and its subcontractor Ingo Swann.

Click here for (mainly CRV) remote viewing sessions from the Military viewers and counting;


Click for Area2 - interesting documents from the Star Gate archives.

For more (Daz) remote viewing session and projects

For the 2001 Remote viewing study (25 RV sessions)


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